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"Time and Health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted"

Denis Waitley 

Kiran Sonawane, Pune

“I was suffering from psoriasis  from past 2years and visited many Doctors but couldn’t get results then, I came to know about this online consulting, Good doctor, she diagnosed and got my medicine delivered in 4 days. Now it is 3 months and I feel lots of improvement.

Poonam Singh, Delhi 

"Dr Pooja is one of the best doctors I have ever consulted =. Absolutely satisfied with the treatment. Due to her medication and diet recommendation, I have been able to cure my stubborn acne which was existing for last 10+ years."

Sudha, Bangalore

“I'm very happy about the results I got. I was suffering from facial pigmentation from 4 years. Now it's so better. Thank you Dr. Pooja. I did online consulting twice, she listens all your problems. This online consulting is helped me a lot.  ”
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